Residential Training

Residential Training

Our residential training allows you to immerse yourself in an empowering, safe and dynamic learning environment. We integrate the old with the new, taking wisdom from the masters who founded the practice of Homeopathy and the philosophies on which the principles of Homeopathic practice were built. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of a naturopathic approach to health and healing, giving our students an essential holistic framework.

The course structure has been built on foundations of energy based medicines including:

  • The philosophy of health and health healing
  • Nutrition/naturopathy
  • The Chinese 5 elements
  • The Chakra system and its connection to the endocrine sytem and our hormones
  • Psychology- the importance of cleansing the mind and trauma.
  • Healing touch- simple but powerful techniques to enable us to be comfortable to put our hands on our clients.
  • Common herbs – when to use certain teas/tinctures and essential oils as part of the cure. 

We inspire students to listen with their intellect, learn with their hearts and draw on all their senses.

If we truly want to understand why people become ill and disconnected from a healthy place we have to be able to perceive what has contributed to this from a wide range of factors, in the immediate environment and historically.

We will take you on a personal journey of self -discovery.  We cannot help others if we are not secured with a deep level of self–awareness. We will share this journey and support you along the way.

We offer an open, happy and shared learning environment.

We encourage you to be active, independent and empowered learners sharing your wisdom with others and discovering the unique healing genius within.