Who We Are

Helen Johnson, Director

I began my career in Holistic Medicine in 1990 qualifying as a Naturopath and Osteopath. An eternal student I continued my studies to qualify as a Homeopath and a Cranial-Sacral therapist by 1995.  I have been utterly blessed with phenomenal teachers; amazing traditional Naturopaths who really taught me how to just observe  the “whole” of a person to understand the cause of disease.

Then I was lucky enough to study at the Guild of Homeopaths as a post-graduate with Martin Miles, Janice Micallef, Colin Griffith, to name but a few. At the Guild we learnt new remedies which particularly deal with modern day challenges such as radiation/chemical toxicity  and also the understanding of how the endocrine system and the chakra system interweave.

Then I studied with Dr Ramakrishnan from India, with whom I ran seminars and a  clinic for chronic illness for about 5 years. This was when I truly learnt how to use homeopathy to treat deep pathology. I have self studied Traditional Chinese Medicine which I feel is the most intelligent paradigm we have to understand the interconnectedness of the human condition.

Over the last 15 years I have run retreats where I take people to a magical island called Gozo near Malta and help them to release deep trauma in order to heal.

Having worked tirelessly and intensely in practise for nearly 30 years, I have tremendous experience. I have also taught at Schools of Homeopathy.

I have been running my own courses for many years and 2 years ago set up my Alchemical Academy of Healing Arts, where I try to teach an integrated approach to health, blending all my skills. It is the basis of this which has driven us to develop the River School. We all believe we have a unique course that will develop very capable practitioners.

Hilary Fairclough, Assistant director

I was inspired to train in homeopathy when, as a trained nurse 30 years ago, I saw many people benefit from their treatment, but many with chronic illnesses suffer from the toxic interactions and side-effects of conventional medicine. I knew that there had to be a system of medicine which promoted well-being, and had healing at its heart. I found this medicine in Homeopathy – both the theory and practice of it fitted my own philosophy, and nearly 25 years later I am still inspired by its brilliant healing potential.

I trained in homeopathy at the London College of Classical Homeopathy, qualifying in 1995. Before this I gained a degree in sociology at Sheffield University and worked as a nurse in the NHS for 10 years specialising in community nursing, palliative cancer care, nurse lecturing and bereavement counselling.

In 2002 I had a life-changing experience: I travelled to Botswana and witnessed the devastation caused to peoples’ lives by the HIV and AIDS epidemic there, and I was moved to set up mobile homeopathic clinics in partnership with local agencies. The clinics took off in a big way – word spread, people queued daily to be seen and the reported results of treatment were astounding. I went on to establish and direct the Maun Homeopathy Project, a registered charity, to fund and manage the service. In total I recruited over 40 international homeopaths to run the clinics and together we treated thousands of people. We also trained local homeopaths in Maun (the town in northern Botswana where we were based) so that the service could eventually be run by them – and 16 years later, this is now happening.

In Botswana I developed a system of homeopathic prescribing called ‘The Triad Method’ for people living with complex health conditions – either chronic physical illness or deep emotional trauma. In 2015 I had a book, The Triad Method: treating complex cases from grassroots to clinic, published by the Winter Press.

Being involved in running the River School of Homeopathy is an exciting new opportunity for me. I have been a regular teacher of homeopathic students and practitioners, but this school offers something more – an integrated, holistic and person-centred approach which will enable the next generation of homeopaths to be sensitive, confident, grounded and inspired practitioners.


Sian Moss, core teacher

I have been a homeopath since 2009, having qualified with a BSc and Licentiate from the Centre of Homeopathic Education in London. Previously I had gained a first class degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics and worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry and academia for 15 years, researching the mechanisms involved in chronic pain conditions.

Recently I relocated to South Cambridgeshire where my practice is now based.

I am particularly interested in supporting those with conditions which are conventionally difficult to treat, or in which prescribed medication causes unpleasant side effects. Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, multiple allergies and stress are some of the conditions people seek help with in my practice, my aim is to improve quality of life.

Between 2014 and 2017 a series of systematic reviews of Individualized homeopathic treatment and single remedy therapy for named conditions were published. I was part of the team who worked on these assessing the quality of selected trials. I am pleased to say that this has led to a greater awareness of the importance of method quality in trials of homeopathy and the remedies involved.

Currently I am Module Leader for two modules at CHE, Research Methods and Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. I started lecturing in 2012 since when I have taught in London and New York. In addition, I deliver online webinars to reach students interested in developing their knowledge to a deeper level.

Voluntary work is important to me, currently I practice for an ‘on-line’ clinic treating Syrian child refugees who have crossed the border to Turkey so they can carry on with their education. Due to their experiences the children suffer with many complex issues, both emotional and physical, the last year has seen successful treatment resulting in happier  children and relieved parents. The clinic relies on volunteers and we work with a limited number of selected remedies, an article discussing the clinic was published last year in the journal published by the Society of Homeopaths.

I am dedicated to developing education in holistic health and excited to be part of a new school with a unique vision.